Septic Workshops

Septic Care Workshop

This workshop is for homeowners who have a septic system. You will learn how your septic system works, how to maintain your system, how to prevent costly problems, and more!

The workshop is approximately 1.5 hours long and contains short knowledge checks throughout. This workshop does not have to completed all at once, and your progress will be saved after each section.
  • Introduction Survey
  • Introduction
  • Why Caring for Your System Matters
  • Septic As-Built Records
  • Septic As-Built Records Knowledge Check
  • How Septic Systems Work
  • Drainfields & Reserve Areas
  • Septic System Components Knowledge Check
  • Caring for your Septic System
  • Septic System Care Knowledge Check
  • Signs of Septic System Problems
  • Signs of Problems Knowledge Check
  • Environmental Impacts of Septic Systems
  • Environmental Impacts Knowledge Check
  • Septic Contractors & Permits
  • Septic Contractors & Permits Knowledge Check
  • Financial Assistance
  • Financial Assistance Knowledge Check
  • Thank you for attending!
  • Resources
  • Septic Care Workshop Survey
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Introduction Survey, Introduction, Why Caring for Your System Matters, Septic As-Built Records, Septic As-Built Records Knowledge Check, How Septic Systems Work, Drainfields & Reserve Areas, Septic System Components Knowledge Check, Caring for your Septic System, Septic System Care Knowledge Check, Signs of Septic System Problems, Signs of Problems Knowledge Check, Environmental Impacts of Septic Systems, Environmental Impacts Knowledge Check, Septic Contractors & Permits, Septic Contractors & Permits Knowledge Check, Financial Assistance, Thank you for attending!"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever